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About J. Carl Brooksby

As of this writing, I am 82 years old. I didn’t start writing poetry until four or five years ago. (Until then, I guess I just didn’t have it in me.) As you can see, I only write poems about myself. Maybe when I get older, I will be inspired to write some deep philosophical poem to inspire you. At least, as I get more and more health problems I will have more and more poems to write.

Update April 2006: Two of my poems, “Lonesome” and “Gatherin’ Desert Shrimp” are now featured on cowboypoetry.com. Check it out there.

Update January 2014: I am now 90 years old.  I just added my latest poem, “My Summer of Leisure”  about VerDon’s summer in the hospitals in 2013.

Update February 2015:  I am now 91, and just posted my latest poem, “My Nose Job.”  Audio recordings of many of my poems are here, until we can find a better place for them.






9 thoughts on “About J. Carl Brooksby

  1. Sharon Wilcox on said:

    My husband and I are friends of Kent and Jan. I was a Relief Society President when Kent was Bishop. We’re the ones who moved to Saudi Arabia and we now live in Washington State. I enjoy reading your poetry. It inspires me to write a little more of my own. So far, mine just goes into birthday cards. Maybe someday I’ll do more with it. I certainly see where Kent got his sense of humor. Keep having fun.

  2. Hi, I’ve recently stumbled across your blog, and I really enjoy reading your poetry. Keep up the good work.

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  4. Please contact me for a premission to use your poem.

  5. Karen Kelly on said:

    I always knew my Uncle Carl was the smartest man in the family, but it took me growing older to appreciate his special talent with poetry. I love this poem because it fits perfectly with the memories I have of playing in Grandma Adeline’s barn. Of course there were a few broken arms because of the swing and not listening to words of warning. I love you and hope to read more of your poetry.

  6. Could I please post your old barn poem on my blog this week. I am doing a post of beautiful old barns. I would put you as the author. Thank you!

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