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My Summer of Leisure

My Summer of Leisure
VerDon Brooksby (as told to her husband, Carl)

In April, I lost my ambition
My get up and go was all spent.
I needed rest and relaxation,
So, I must tell you just where I went.

My husband called for a white limo,
Equipped with red lights and a bed.
We drove to a spa out in Scottsdale
Of which I am sure you have read.

They took all my clothes and destroyed them,
And gave me a new evening gown.
Of the kind that are fashioned in Paris;
The back opened all the way down.

Through a hole in my throat, they breathed for me,
Pumping oxygen straight to my lungs.
To avoid all need for exertion,
They bypassed my tonsils and tongue.

I was fed through a tube in my stomach.
There was no need to swallow or chew.
I just had to lie there in comfort.
In short, I had nothing to do.

There were servants to fill all my wishes.
They all were so careful and kind.
At the touch of a button, I could call them
To change me and wipe my behind.

But, they noticed one thing I was doing,
At times, my eyes were still blinking.
So they shot a strong sedative in me.
Soon, into deep sleep I was sinking.

But one day I awoke from my slumber
Refreshed, but so terribly weak.
They taught me to breathe and to swallow,
And also to walk and to speak.

Time flies when your life is enjoyable.
And I cannot dispute that at all.
For today I caught a glimpse of the calendar,
Summer’s gone, and It’s already fall!

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