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Being Eighty Eight

Being Eighty Eight
by J. Carl Brooksby-2012

You might think that it’s easy,
Being eighty eight
But I am here to tell you
It isn’t all that great

“Don’t ever climb a ladder, dear”,
My wife says, with a frown.
“You might think you’re safe up there,
But surely you’ll fall down

“Don’t try to pick that grandchild up.
Don’t try to climb those stairs.
Don’t ever use your chainsaw
And never stand on chairs.

“Don’t do any yard work.
Don’t get close to the pool.
You’ll surely lose your balance
And fall in and get too cool.

“Don’t go walking by yourself,
You’ll fall and break your arm.
Don’t try to push that lawn mower.
It will surely cause you harm.

Don’t ever try to do this,
Don’t consider doing that.
But don’t sit there doing nothing
Or your mind will go plumb flat!”

My kids say, “Come and see us,
But you must come when it’s light.
You cannot see things well enough
To drive when it is night.”

I think my driving’s excellent,
I drive with cautious care.
One thing you can rely on,
I always get us there

But some day when they’re viewing me,
In my casket cold,
Some friend will ask my children,
“What was his age, how old?”

My kids will wipe the tears away,
And answer, “Ninety-five”
“Ninety-five? Man Alive!
Why did you let him drive?

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One thought on “Being Eighty Eight

  1. Leave it to you, Grandpa! Another classic poem! I love it…and you!

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