Old Man Brxb

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Just Do It

Just Do It
by J. Carl Brooksby

If there’s a job that you must do,
Just do it!
It doesn’t help to sit and stew,
Hop to it!
You should never hesitate;
Or you’re apt to finish late
Then unto yourself you’ll state,
I blew it!

If you have a truth to say,
Just say it!
If you have a prayer to pray,
Then Pray it!
You should always learn what’s right,
You then should seek for heaven’s light.
Then speak it out both day and night
Don’t delay it!

If there’s a sermon you should preach,
Then preach it!
If there’s a lesson you should teach.
Just teach it.
Stand up tall and face the crowd.
Speak up boldly, clear and loud,
If there’s a goal you’d like to reach,
Then reach it!.

Because you have one life to live,
Be happy!
When there’s some service you can give,
Be snappy!
Serving others is God’s way;
With His help, it seems like play.
Serve other folks, then you will say,
I’m happy!

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