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VerDon’s Life – Her Version

VerDon’s Life – Her Version

         By J. Carl Brooksby

She was born in a corner of heaven
Where the country is really quite hilly,
Where the weather is ever so pleasant –
Never too hot nor too chilly.
In autumn, the trees turn all colors;
In winter, some light snow and ice.
In springtime all nature is budding;
The summers are always quite nice.

She grew to a lovely young lady
In that town where it’s ever so pleasant.
But those were the days of long long ago,
And now we must move towards the present.
She knew if she stayed there in heaven,
She’d wind up a cowboy’s wife.
And although she worshiped her cowboy dad,
She didn’t want that kind of life.

She fell for a man with ambition
With a college degree to his name.
He wanted to live in the city
And hopefully gain wealth and fame..
They married and moved south to Mesa,
Where the first Christmas felt just like summer.
Early springtime was really quite fine,
But the summer was really a bummer.

They often fought scorpions and spiders;
They suffered from sunstroke and thirst.
They found they had moved to the devil’s playground;
Hell’s own heat could not have been worse.
Each day the sun would shine hotter,
And hotter, and hotter yet;
They felt like they lived in an oven;
Even Satan was breaking a sweat.

She thought they would soon rise above it
And move to a pleasanter place,
But weeks turned to months and months went to years,
And they never did leave the rat race.
Now they’ve lived sixty years in this oven,
And she always has been the good wife.
She knows that she’ll end up in heaven:
For she’s lived in hell her whole married life.

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One thought on “VerDon’s Life – Her Version

  1. I think it is a bit strong, stating unequivocally that Mesa or the Valley of the Sun is Hell. It is not Hell, but I believe you can see it from there.

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