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Advice for the Newlyweds

As a tottering old codger,
Grandpa is the name,
I’m here to share my wisdom;
Now aren’t you glad I came?

Never sweat the little things;
There’s nothing you can gain.
Remember that you pledged your love.
Don’t cause your partner pain.

She has found the perfect man.
What more could she desire?
He’s her knight in shining armor,
Who sets her heart on fire.

And he has found the perfect gal
To help him through this life.
She’s everything he’s waited for;
She’ll be the perfect wife.

But wait; he’s found a tiny flaw
That bothers him a little.
“The toothpaste tube is out of shape;
You squoze it in the middle!”

“Oh, don’t you know there’s no such word?
You really should say ‘squeezed’
And I suppose you’d say I snoze
Instead of that I sneezed”

He didn’t hang his trousers up
But left them in a heap.
“I must chastise him properly
Before I go to sleep.”

“Oh, must we talk about this now?
Can’t it wait ’til morning?
You know I need to get my sleep;
You must have heard me snoring.”

Those little things you’ll notice
About each other later,
Don’t grab them up, but drop them
Just like a hot potater.

He can be a perfect husband;
She can be a perfect wife;
But not a perfect person,
And that’s a fact of life.

Just love each other as you are;
Ignore the flaws you see.
Don’t try to change the one you love,
But let the defects be.

No, never sweat the little things;
Speak sweetly to each other.
If you thought you needed more advice,
You’d not have left your mother.

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3 thoughts on “Advice for the Newlyweds

  1. Great council from a great man. Loved it! I will try to memorize it, too. Someday I hope to grow up to be half the poet you are.

  2. Melissa on said:

    Such wise words from such a wise man! Love you Grandpa!

  3. Wonderful poem, Grandpa! I love it!!

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