Old Man Brxb

A place for my poems


By J. Carl Brooksby

I’ve lost my equilibrium:
I stagger when I walk.
You’d think I’d took up drinking,
To hear the neighbors talk.

I know it isn’t in my head
Though I have lost my hair.
The doctor took a brain scan
And discovered nothing there.

And then he took some X-rays
Of my ankles, hips and knees
And gave me his assurance
That it was really none of these.

He checked my heart and kidneys,
My liver and my lungs,
And found that they are just as good
As they were when I was young.

Then he gave his diagnosis;
Here’s what he said to me,
”I’m afraid that you are terminal.
You’ve got a case of O L D.”

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One thought on “Reality

  1. I started another comment but lost it so I’ll say it again and hope you don’t get them both.
    I am really impressed, first with your poems, they are great, second with your tech knowledge to set up a blog page when I didn’t even know what one was.
    I’m not even sure if I found all your poems but I liked the ones I read. Keep putting them in.
    The dinner last night was especially good to have all four couples there. So glad you two could make it.

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