Old Man Brxb

A place for my poems

My Mustache

   My Mustache

You’ve heard about the bad man
With a big iron on his hip.
Well, I’ve become the mean guy
With a mustache on my lip.

This patch of hair beneath my nose
Has made me mean and tough.
Tread lightly when you see me
“Cause I don’t take no guff.

As I go walkin’ down the street
The sheriff steps aside.
When the women see me comin’
They pull their kids inside.

I sleep on beds of cactus thorns,
Chew rawhide for my lunch.
If Butch Cassidy was still around,
I’d whip his wild bunch.

So if you feel inclined to fight,
I will on one condition.
First, I’ll have to hurry home
And get my wife’s permission.


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