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Lookin’ Young

Lookin’ Young By
J. Carl Brooksby

“Old man, you’re really lookin’ young”, my friends say when we meet,
But I’ll tell you a secret that you must not repeat.
I know I’m lookin’ healthy, and I never have no ills,
If I remember daily, to take my seven pills.

Each mornin’, there’s a green pill that always must be taken.
It goes straight to my fingers to stop them from a shakin’.
To regulate my pressure and keep the strokes away,
I send a little blue pill to my aorta twice a day.

I take a small brown capsule; in my stomach it must stop,
To make certain that my food goes down and doesn’t come back up.
A triangular-shaped blue pill to my prostate is directed,
To guarantee my water works will always be protected.

I take a yellow pill to stop the tremor in my tongue.
It never used to do that when I was somewhat young.
I must take a big white pill at each lunch time, that is certain:
It goes directly to my legs, to keep my knees from hurtin’.

At suppertime I just repeat three of the aforementioned.
At bedtime, there’s a pink pill to relieve me of my tension.
There’s one more pill that I should take as you must surely know.
A traffic regulator to tell each pill where to go!

If I forget to take my pills, my hands begin to tremble,
I get a wet spot on my pants, and my stomach starts to rumble.
My jaw and tongue start waggin’, when I’m not even talkin’
And I have to take along a cane to help me when I’m walkin’

Well, now you know my secret, and I’ll never lose my youth
For I keep it stored in bottles, if you want to know the truth.
So if you think you’re seeing me, it’s really not myself.
You’re lookin’ at those seven pills that I keep on the shelf.

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One thought on “Lookin’ Young

  1. Sharon Wilcox on said:


    I don’t know what URI is, so no comment there. My husband, John, and I were in Pinetop Ward when Kent was bishop and then we went to Saudi Arabia. Kent and Jan are some of our favorite people, so we have maintained good communication. Kent sent me the link to your blog site today. Your poems are so funny. I, too, write poetry sometimes, mostly in cards and as new lyrics to familiar tunes. Keep up the good work.


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