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The Family Proclamation

The Family Proclamation

By J. Carl Brooksby

Memorizing poetry is an easy thing for me.
I still remember poems that I learned when I was three.
I’m always memorizing things, to exercise my mind;
I have here in my memory, poems of every kind.

The speech that President Lincoln gave at Gettysburg that day
I learned when in seventh grade, and it’s in my mind to stay.
The songs my mother sang to me so many years ago
Come quickly to my memory as now I come and go.

The Family Proclamation? How tough can that job be?
I’ll knock it out by Saturday. Just you wait and see.
Paragraph one is easy. This will be a snap!
I’ll memorize the second, and then I’ll take a nap.

But I got hung up on characteristics of eternal gender.
When I finally learned this portion, I was considering surrender.
Paragraph three is beautiful – of God’s plan it gives a view,
But that fifty-one word sentence is more than I can chew.

It tells of man’s progression to a destiny divine,
But if it means I have to learn this, that denstiny’s not mine.
My wife said, “Honey, give it up”, but I just gave a grin.
I knew that by hard work and perseverance, I could win.

So when she said to give it up, I started right back to it,
And, you know folks, I soon found that I just couldn’t do it.
So, I’ll read this treasured document twice weekly for a year.
I’ll be guided by its precepts, and the Prophet I’ll revere.

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