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The High Priests’ Social II

The High Priests’ Social (Second Year)
By J. Carl Brooksby

Every November, since I can remember,
A social is held in the stake.
It’s for the High Priests, there’s always a feast,
On food that their wives have to make.

Each time we met, much to my regret,
They always served ham and green beans.
Which then went to the freezers of some of the geezers
And were returned the next year to the scene.

At times it was boring, some men would be snoring,
While others leaned back in their chair.
The view from the stand was not all that grand,
It looked like a sea of gray hair.

The president spoke, there was never a joke,
By eight, we’d have said our good bye.
It was home and to bed; and often I said,
“ ‘Twas like sacrament meeting with pie”.

But now things have changed, they’ve been rearranged,
The young are in charge of the scene..
With barbequed pork you can cut with a fork,
And none of that ham and green beans.

The programs are fun, they please everyone,
But still, all is done with decorum.
With poetry delightful and truly insightful,
Of course! Look who’s writing those poems!


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